Throughout Bragging Week, residents can brag about a different theme each day.

Monday, July 14                        Innovative Minneapolis

Tuesday, July 15                      Move Minneapolis

Wednesday, July 16                 Creative Minneapolis

Thursday, July 17                     One Minneapolis

Friday, July 18                          Sustainable Minneapolis

Saturday, July 19                      City by Nature

Sunday, July 20                        Bikes!

Below is today’s proclamation text and picture for Innovative Minneapolis Day. Tell us – what do you think is innovative about Minneapolis? We’ll compile all the reasons you think we should #bragMPLS and share them here tomorrow!

Whereas, Minneapolis is an innovative city, where businesses of all kinds continue to start, grow, and expand; and

Whereas, Minneapolis has grown nearly 25,000 jobs in the last five years, and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country; and

Whereas, Minneapolis’ high-tech “Silicon Prairie” sector is on the rise, and continues to get noticed in the Internet of Things subsector; and

Whereas, we have a growing services sector, a thriving green chemistry sector and an innovative entrepreneurial spirit; and

Whereas, companies continue to establish their headquarters in Minneapolis, including the recent additions of Be the Match, LifeSource and the American Academy of Neurology that have joined the many innovative businesses and corporations already headquarters here; and

Whereas, innovation in Minneapolis extends to public policy, which leads to positive results for the city and region; and

Whereas, streamlining regulations has led to new types of businesses permitted and increased business activity in our vibrant business community; and

Whereas, at more than $1.2 billion, 2013 was a record-breaking year for value of permitted construction in Minneapolis, marking the second consecutive year that our city broke the billion-dollar mark for construction permit value; and

Whereas, the City of Minneapolis innovates in public safety and youth violence prevention, including “pop-up parks” through the summer of 2014; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is home to many projects, organizations, non-profits and businesses that offer educational and job opportunities for low-income youth, young people of color, and underserved communities; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is the best city in America for nonprofits and social enterprise; and

Whereas, Minneapolis institutions of higher education advance groundbreaking research, and educate and graduate thousands of students in a variety of fields each year; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is home to culinary greatness, with a thriving, imaginative, and delicious array of restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and more; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is also home to one of the most thriving local brewery scenes in the country; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is a city where innovation is encouraged, supported, and rewarded, thanks to the brilliant and creative people who make our city a better place each and every day; and

Whereas, as part of The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever from July 14-20, 2014, we devote a day to recognizing, lifting up and bragging about all the innovation in our community;

Now, Therefore, I, Betsy Hodges, Mayor of the City of Minneapolis, do herby proclaim, July 14, 2014 as:

 Innovative Minneapolis Day in the City of Minneapolis

 Innovative Minneapolis Day

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