Tonight’s Protests

I understand that emotions are running high in the community and across the City. I share many of the emotions that people are feeling in Minneapolis today. I firmly believe in everyone’s right to protest and understand that people want to have places where they can gather and do that peacefully. We also want to ensure everyone’s safety. Chief Harteau and I are asking officers to exercise maximum restraint, and are asking protesters to act peacefully. I thank the many officers and protesters who are doing just that.

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About Mayor Betsy Hodges

I am the 47th mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota, sworn in on January 2, 2014. Prior to becoming mayor, I served on the Minneapolis City Council for eight years as the representative of Ward 13. On the Council, I served as chair of the Ways and Means/Budget Committee. Before running for public office, I was an organizer, working for TakeAction Minnesota and the Minnesota Justice Foundation. I also helped found a program in Albuquerque, New Mexico to get HIV-positive women the help and resources that they needed. My husband, Gary Cunningham, President and CEO of the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) and a member of the Metropolitan Council. We have two children, four grandchildren, a dog and a slightly neurotic cat. In my spare time, I work on staying physically fit, writing, reading poetry and enjoying seasonal viewings of “Die Hard,” my favorite movie. I have an extensive collection of Wonder Woman memorabilia, and am an occasional karaoke singer with a limited range.

One thought on “Tonight’s Protests

  1. The City should not have to apologize for keeping its freeways and police stations open to the general public. That said it seems the issue really is guns themselves. Guns don’t need to be pointed at protesters to move if they elect not to. In many civilized places in the world, police don’t have guns. Pepper Spray and other non-lethal means can and should do the job. If not, increase the police force to the protest, and start to arrest with handcuffs one by one and move them to an adjacent place.

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