How big is a queen size bed

How big is a queen size bed

When it comes to your home, furniture plays a large part increasing the elegance in your house. You also need to buy a property that increases your comfort and helps you enjoy your stay. We can agree that the highest percentage of humans do spend much of their time on the bed.

Everyone wants to have a comfortable sleep, and wake up in the morning feeling relaxed. That explains why purchasing the best frame in town is the dream of each. Among the best beds that you can buy from the market is the Queen Size Bed. But what makes the bed a unique choice for all?

The answer has much to do with its size. For this reason, we dedicated our time researching on how big is a queen size bed. Consider reading the whole article for a chance to have a clear sight on the bed.

What are Queen Bed Dimensions?

The size of the queen bed will depend on the style of the bed you choose. When in the market, you can select any of the following three types;

  • Standard queen: the bed measures 80” L x 60” W x 9 t 16” D
  • Olympic queen: this category comes with a dimension of 80” L x 66” W x 9” to 16” D,
  • California queen: this is the most spacious of the three beds with dimensions of 84” L x 60” W x 9” to 16” D.

In comparison to other bed styles such as the full-size bed and the twin-size bed, the queen size bed is a larger one and more comfortable. However, in comparison to the king-size bed, the queen style is one size smaller. The best thing with queen size bed is the fact that they meet most of the standards of a good bed-frame. However, if it’s your first time to consider making queen size bed purchases, you can consider following the link provided to learn more,

Other possible queen bed sizes available in the market

Apart from the three forms of queen bed sizes available in the market, you can also consider the non-standard sizes. The most common in this class is the Olympic queen beds that measure 80” long and 66” wide. There is also the split queen bed size. The bed measures 60” wide and 80” in length, the same as the standard queen bed.

The difference is the fact that the bed comes with its mattress split into two parts. That means the mattress measures 80” in Length x 30” widths. If you would love to have a complete comparison on the queen size bed, you can consider taking a look on this link,

Why does the bed come in a varying depth?

Mattress manufacturing companies will manufacture mattresses of different sizes. As a result, there should be a variety of bed frame sizes in terms of length, width and depth. Since there exist different measurements for queen mattresses deepness, there must also be a variety of queen bed frame deepness.

All the beds will measure between 9” to 16” in depth. That makes sure that you as a customer gets what you wish to have. However, you need to learn more about queen mattresses before you purchase the bed frame. For that reason, I recommend that you follow on this link for more queen mattresses information.

What about the queen bed sheet measurements?

Most of the queen bed sheets will measures 60” by 80” with the deepness of not more than 15”. It means that, if you want to order sheet sets for California, Olympic or split queen beds, you must be specific. By doing this, it ensures that you receive a package that fits your mattress sizes.

However, there are a few of the companies that will make sheets featuring extra and deep pockets to accommodate mattresses of 20” depth. When it comes to purchasing queen size bed sheets, we recommend that you do in-depth research. But you can opt to follow up on this link,, for a chance to quicken your research.

How durable are the queen size beds?

Anything to do with durability has all to do with the materials used to make the bed. What we advise in this case is for you to check on the manufacturer’s reputation. You can follow up on customers’ reviews on which seller is most reliable.

Final verdict

These are a few of the questions that you’ll ask as a customer concerning queen size beds. What you need to do is make a selection that completely suits your needs. The best part about queen size beds is that they help you to make a beautiful finish in your bedroom.

Note that, the bed can fit in most of the bedrooms and even the small ones. However, it’s good to check on your room size before making any real purchases. For more details on how to relate room size to bed size, consider following on this link,

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