Mayor’s statement on termination of 2 Minneapolis police officers

Today the Minneapolis Police Department released a statement from Chief Janeé Harteau regarding the termination of 2 officers following an incident in Green Bay, WI last summer.

“Last week, the Minneapolis Civil Service Commission upheld my December 3rd, 2013 decision to remove two police officers from the Minneapolis Police Department following their conduct in Green Bay, Wisconsin last year. It is never easy to face the decision to terminate one’s employment and I don’t take that responsibility lightly. However, please be assured of my commitment to take every step possible to ensure the public trust necessary to an effective police force and the community it serves. This decision is indicative of the Minneapolis Police Department’s continued focus on a culture of accountability. We appreciate the patience members of the community and members of the MPD have shown throughout this lengthy process.” – Chief Janeé Harteau

Mayor Hodges added the following statement:

“I am pleased to see this decision upheld. It shows the community that the process works and misconduct can be addressed. Thank you, Chief Janeé Harteau, for your continued leadership, and thank you to the community, members of the MPD and the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis for your patience and cooperation during this process.” – Mayor Betsy Hodges

Creative Minneapolis Day

Day 3 of Bragging Week is Creative Minneapolis Day. The arts and culture scene in Minneapolis is one of the best in the world – what’s on your list to #bragMPLS about?

Whereas, Minneapolis is home to a thriving arts scene, including music, museums, comedy, film, theater, performance arts, literature and more, where residents value culture and creativity; and

Whereas,The Minneapolis creative sector pumps on average $700 million into the economy in a single year and employs nearly 20,000 residents in Minneapolis alone, making up 5% of all jobs in the city; and

Whereas,Minneapolis has especially high per capita revenues for theater companies and dinner theaters, 14 times above the national average; and

Whereas, the Minneapolis metro area had the 6th highest Creative Vitality Index score in the nation; and Minneapolis was recently ranked 7th on the Top 10 Best Cities to be an Artist; and

Whereas, Minneapolis fosters a great local music scene, with opportunities to see live music at venues like First Avenue, and is home to an array of performers including Prince, The Replacements, the Grammy award-winning Excelsior Chorale Ensemble, Dr. Mambo’s Combo, the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus, the Minnesota Orchestra and many more; and

Whereas, beautiful and thought-provoking art can be found in world-renowned museums and galleries and public art can be found throughout the city in murals; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is home to many organizations and events that showcase art, including Juxtaposition Arts, Art-A-Whirl, Heart of the Beast May Day, Fringe Festival, All My Relations Art gallery, and many more; and

Whereas, Minneapolis boasts a world-class theater and performing arts community, including historic theaters, plays, musicals, theater, comedy and more; and

Whereas, Minneapolis showcases local and national cinematography through film festivals and is even home to the first-ever International Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is known for its iconic Spoonbridge and cherry at the Sculpture Garden; and

Whereas, the Theater of Public Policy is holding a special Bragging Show on Wednesday, July 16, 2014; and

Whereas, as part of The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever from July 14-20, 2014, we devote a day to recognizing, lifting up and bragging about the vibrant arts, culture and creative economy, which is borne from the creativity of its people;

 Now, Therefore, I, Betsy Hodges, Mayor of the City of Minneapolis, do herby proclaim, July 16, 2014 as:

Creative Minneapolis Day in the City of Minneapolis


Creative Mpls

Move Minneapolis Day

For the second day of Bragging Week, Mayor Hodges proclaimed it Move Minneapolis Day in the City of Minneapolis, to lift up all the active opportunities in our city. Let us know what activities we should #bragMPLS about!

Whereas, Minneapolis is an active city, where residents can participate in recreational activities inside and outside year-round, including cross-country skiing, boating, kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, bicycling, Ultimate, hockey, football, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, kickball, softball, baseball, broomball, dodgeball, ice skating, snowshoeing, sledding, snowboarding, running, walking, karate, boxing, yoga and more; and

Whereas, Minneapolis and the surrounding metropolitan region are recognized regularly for having one of the fittest regions in the country, coming in #1 in 2013 on the American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fitness Index and #2 in 2014; and

Whereas, the amenities, natural resources and community promote active lifestyles for people of all ages; and

Whereas, Minneapolis has a range of recreational programs and activities through the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board and a number of neighborhood groups, non-profits and organizations; and

Whereas, children have playgrounds throughout the city to socialize, play and be active; and

Whereas, Minneapolis residents are able to enjoy a number of professional sports teams, including the World Champion Minnesota Lynx, University of Minnesota Golden Gophers women’s ice hockey team (2013 NCAA Champions), Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Wild, Saint Paul Saints, Minnesota Swarm, Minnesota Vixen, Minnesota Machine, Minnesota Lady Slippers, and Minnesota United FC, and Minnesota Wind Chill; and

Whereas, children also have opportunities to be engaged in sports and youth leagues; and 

Whereas, Minneapolis is home to Experience Life magazine, which encourages healthy lifestyles; and

Whereas, Minneapolis as a region benefits from Saint Paul native Dan Buettner, who’s innovative Blue Zones Project is leading to longer lives, healthier outcomes and lower health care costs in cities across America; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is a city with active transit, which combined with our community and amenities, contributes to healthy lifestyles, where residents are happy, fit and active; and

Whereas, as part of The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever from July 14-20, 2014, we devote a day to recognizing, lifting up and bragging about all the active opportunities in our community;

Now, Therefore, I, Betsy Hodges, Mayor of the City of Minneapolis, do herby proclaim, July 15, 2014 as:

Move Minneapolis Day in the City of Minneapolis



500+ reasons to brag

So far, you’ve shared more than 500 reasons about why we should brag about Minneapolis. Thank you! We turned your responses into a word cloud.

What do you think? What’s missing? Are you surprised by some of the big responses? Keep sending your suggestions on what to brag about and we’ll update the word cloud later this week!

Word Cloud Monday night

Innovative Minneapolis Day in the City of Minneapolis

Throughout Bragging Week, residents can brag about a different theme each day.

Monday, July 14                        Innovative Minneapolis

Tuesday, July 15                      Move Minneapolis

Wednesday, July 16                 Creative Minneapolis

Thursday, July 17                     One Minneapolis

Friday, July 18                          Sustainable Minneapolis

Saturday, July 19                      City by Nature

Sunday, July 20                        Bikes!

Below is today’s proclamation text and picture for Innovative Minneapolis Day. Tell us – what do you think is innovative about Minneapolis? We’ll compile all the reasons you think we should #bragMPLS and share them here tomorrow!

Whereas, Minneapolis is an innovative city, where businesses of all kinds continue to start, grow, and expand; and

Whereas, Minneapolis has grown nearly 25,000 jobs in the last five years, and has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country; and

Whereas, Minneapolis’ high-tech “Silicon Prairie” sector is on the rise, and continues to get noticed in the Internet of Things subsector; and

Whereas, we have a growing services sector, a thriving green chemistry sector and an innovative entrepreneurial spirit; and

Whereas, companies continue to establish their headquarters in Minneapolis, including the recent additions of Be the Match, LifeSource and the American Academy of Neurology that have joined the many innovative businesses and corporations already headquarters here; and

Whereas, innovation in Minneapolis extends to public policy, which leads to positive results for the city and region; and

Whereas, streamlining regulations has led to new types of businesses permitted and increased business activity in our vibrant business community; and

Whereas, at more than $1.2 billion, 2013 was a record-breaking year for value of permitted construction in Minneapolis, marking the second consecutive year that our city broke the billion-dollar mark for construction permit value; and

Whereas, the City of Minneapolis innovates in public safety and youth violence prevention, including “pop-up parks” through the summer of 2014; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is home to many projects, organizations, non-profits and businesses that offer educational and job opportunities for low-income youth, young people of color, and underserved communities; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is the best city in America for nonprofits and social enterprise; and

Whereas, Minneapolis institutions of higher education advance groundbreaking research, and educate and graduate thousands of students in a variety of fields each year; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is home to culinary greatness, with a thriving, imaginative, and delicious array of restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and more; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is also home to one of the most thriving local brewery scenes in the country; and

Whereas, Minneapolis is a city where innovation is encouraged, supported, and rewarded, thanks to the brilliant and creative people who make our city a better place each and every day; and

Whereas, as part of The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever from July 14-20, 2014, we devote a day to recognizing, lifting up and bragging about all the innovation in our community;

Now, Therefore, I, Betsy Hodges, Mayor of the City of Minneapolis, do herby proclaim, July 14, 2014 as:

 Innovative Minneapolis Day in the City of Minneapolis

 Innovative Minneapolis Day

Mayor’s Bragging Challenge

As we celebrate Bragging Week, we encourage people to enjoy all the things Minneapolis has to offer. In the list below is a sampling of great things to do and places to enjoy throughout the city. Some of them are specific, while others ask you to pick your favorite destination on a topic. We invite everyone to do as many items as possible on this list during bragging week, from July 14 – July 20. As you do them, take a picture and share it on Facebook or Twitter, using the #bragmpls. You can also send it to the mayor’s office so we can collect and share all of the images, by emailing

For the competitive types, take the Mayor’s Bragging Challenge to the extreme. Try to complete as many of the items on the list as possible – maybe even all of them! – sharing pictures of each item on social media as you do them. You can do this as an individual or as a team, with up to 10 people on your team.

The prize? Lunch with Betsy

The team that completes the most items and the individual that completes the most items will each enjoy their own lunch with Mayor Hodges. Should we have a tie or multiple winners completing all of the items, we will enter each team/individual into a drawing and draw a winner from that pool.

  1. Rooftop patio
  2. A farmer’s market
  3. Brunch at your favorite restaurant
  4. Visit your favorite brewpub
  5. Play a round of golf at Theodore Wirth
  6. Enjoy a show at Minneapolis Music and Movies in the Parks
  7. Lawn bowling or bocce ball at your favorite spot
  8. Visit a museum
  9. Visit favorite donut shop
  10. Visit a community garden
  11. Take your kids to a wading pool/playground at a Minneapolis park
  12. Outdoor yoga by the lakes
  13. Take a picture outside your Minneapolis grade school, HS or college alma mater (or wearing a shirt with the logo)
  14. Visit a dog park
  15. Take a picture of your favorite view of the Minneapolis skyline
  16. Use a Nice Ride bike to ride along the Midtown Greenway or the Grand Rounds
  17. Take a pic of the marquee of your favorite theater (movie or stage)
  18. Get a cone or cup at your favorite ice cream shop
  19. Kayak/canoe/paddleboard/boat on Chain of Lakes (just one lake from chain will suffice)
  20. Eat a Jucy Lucy/Juicy Lucy (your favorite Minneapolis or Saint Paul location)
  21. Slide down the water slide at North Commons Park
  22. Ride the trolley near Lake Harriet
  23. Ride the new Green Line from end to end
  24. Ride the Blue Line from end to end
  25. Walk across Stone Arch Bridge
  26. Visit the WWI memorial along Victory Memorial Parkway
  27. Spoonbridge and cherry at the Sculpture Garden
  28. Visit City Hall – take pictures with Father of Waters and Hubert Humphrey statues
  29. Watch the MLB All-Star Game parade –OR– visit FanFest at the Convention Center
  30. Take a picture next to the Mary Tyler Moore statue (extra points for throwing your hat in the air)
  31. Take a picture with your favorite “star” at First Ave
  32. Japanese gardens at Lake Harriet
  33. Visit Minnehaha Park
  34. Get popcorn at Riverview Theater
  35. Mercado Central
  36. All My Relations Art gallery
  37. Take a picture with one of the murals on West Broadway
  38. Historical marker on the east side of Lake Calhoun that pays homage to Indigenous nations
  39. Visit three establishments on Central Avenue
  40. Somali Museum on East Lake Street
  41. Hosmer Library –OR– North Central Library
  42. Get copies of four local publications, from the following list: Insight News, The Circle, the Spokesman Recorder, Hmong Times, Hmong Today, Asian American Press, Asian Pages, La Conexion Latina, La Expression de Minnesota, La Matraca, Hispanic Tiempo, and La Prensa
  43. MLK Park
  44. Visit the mural of community leaders on the Greenway under the bridge at 4th Street
  45. Brackett park rocket
  46. Witch’s Hat Water Tower/Prospect Park Water Tower
  47. Visit three skyway establishments
  48. Visit three establishments along West Broadway –OR– the Lowry Avenue Corridor
  49. Sing karaoke at your favorite karaoke bar
  50. Take a picture with the bronze bunny at Portland and Minnehaha
  51. Get a picture taken at the flower bus shelter on the corner by the Northside Achievement Zone
  52. Take a picture by the Surly Brewery under construction
  53. Eat lunch at a food truck
  54. Take a picture with the Eastside Guardian statue outside the Second Precinct Police Station
  55. Visit Deming Heights Park, the highest elevation point of Minneapolis
  56. Walk or bike across the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge
  57. Take a picture in front of the Ritz Theatre
  58. Thank a Downtown Improvement District Ambassador
  59. Visit the Balancing Ground art installation outside the Convention Center
  60. Have breakfast on Glenwood Avenue

Bragging Week Activities with the Mayor

Want to join Mayor Hodges to celebrate Bragging Week? She’ll be participating in a number of activities throughout the week – we invite you to join!

Tuesday, July 15    

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | Xcel Energy Plaza, 414 Nicollet Mall

Celebration of Xcel Energy’s 10th year of being designated the #1 wind energy provider

1-2 pm | Nicollet Mall

Mayor Hodges will be watching the MLB All-Star Game along Nicollet Avenue

7:00 – 9:00 pm (tentative) | Locations TBA

Watch the MLB All-Star Game with Mayor Hodges. She’ll spend the first hour at a bar in downtown and the second hour at a neighborhood bar.


Wednesday, July 16

8-10 p.m. | The Southern Theater, 1420 Washington Ave S, Minneapolis

Theater of Public Policy: Brag Minneapolis – With Mayor Betsy Hodges!


Thursday, July 17

12 – 12:30 p.m. | Brian Coyle Park, 420 15th Avenue South

Bike Cops for Kids Mid-Summer Celebration

5 – 6 pm | 4400 Osseo Road

Camden Farmers’ Market


Friday, July 18

1-1:45 p.m. | Tiny Diner, 1024 E 38th Street

Clean Energy Economy Roundtable Event


Saturday, July 19

1-2 p.m. | Patrick Henry High School, “Don Swanson Field” 43rd & Logan/Parking Lot, 4320 Newton Ave N

Stairstep Foundation 11th annual Church Olympics Family Festival Health & Community Partner Fair

2:15 – 3 p.m. | Boom Island

Teamsters Local 120 Remember 1934 Picnic


Sunday, July 20  

11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | Thomas Beach, Lake Calhoun

Lake Calhoun Aquatennial Star Tribune Beach Bash

1:30 – 2 pm | Dinkytown Greenway (Near Bluff Street Park)

Opening of Dinkytown Greenway Trail